Automatic Port Detection in CE

The CE Help says there is a selection for Automatic Port Detection to discover any Com ports with nav data but when i follow the path “Settings>Electronics>Configure A New Device” there is no “Auto Detect” that I can find.

I’m trying to find a com port being used by NEMA 0183 over wifi on a win 10 laptop.

Any hints?


Hello and welcome.

NMEA 0183 over WiFi or Ethernet is not typically using a COM port, hence the inability to auto-detect them. You will only see the auto-detect choice if there are COM ports available to auto-detect on. For networked devices over WiFi or Ethernet, you need to know the IP address/port number for TCP device(s) making data availble, or just a port number for devices that support UDP. IP address/port numbers are probably discussed in the manual your instrument, whatever that is.

If you can provide a bit more detail on what device is sending data over WiFi, and how it is providing WiFi, I may be able to be more specific in my answers.