C-Map Deficiencies for Mexico

I’m a long time user of CE having bought my first copy in 2010. I just finished a season of cruising the Sea of Cortez in Mexico. The C-Map charts for Mexico available through Coastal Explorer are often very inaccurate and often dangerously so. I’m able to use Blue Latitude Press waypoints as an overlay, but that’s only a small improvement. Does Rose Point Nav have any plans to offer a more accurate chart option for Mexico? For example, making the Blue Latitude Press chartlets available would go a long way to resolving the big problems of using C-Map charts.


If you find a better option, I would love to hear about it.

I have CE with CMaps. Furuno runs the same charts. They are good in busy ports and bays but severely lack accuracy in the way out places. The places we like to go. I run my iPad Pro with Navionics and that app is much better. Don’t know how long that app will be an option though.

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My workaround is to use iNavX on my iPad Pro after buying Navionics charts and Blue Latitude Press chartlets in the app. The combo is accurate, but I really don’t like the iNavX user interface compared to CE. But, I’d rather navigate safely and CE is unsafe to use in the Sea of Cortez except in a few locations as you’ve noted. I’m really hoping the Rose Point will address this weakness.

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Thanks for the heads up. Was hoping to use CN this fall in Mexico. Maybe not.