CE (Not Responding) and Spinning Circle

I am running CE on a Windows 10 Home ACER laptop with a Core I5 processor and 8 GB of RAM and 512 GB SSD. I frequently get the blue spinning circle which freezes CE until it is done, normally about 2-4 seconds. I interpret this as saving data to disk at the interval specified in CE, but I haven’t timed it to see if that is the case. My bad there. However, it seems like it takes an unusual length of time for an SSD to do a save. In addition, I get occasional (Not Responding) errors in the application header. Can anyone explain what I am seeing and what I might be able to do the reduce the effect?


If this is the auto-save feature kicking in, it’s possible that your Voyage Plan Document file is getting large. The time it takes to save depends on how big that file is and if you click on the window during that time, Windows will add the Not Responding message to the titlebar.

You can test this theory by performing a manual save with either the “Voyage Plan > Files > Save” option or the Ctrl-S key. If that also takes a few seconds, then you’ve found the cause.

How you remedy this depends on how you like to use your Voyage Plans… They were intended to keep track of a single voyage or cruising season and that usually keeps the file small, but many people like to just keep everything in one file. After a few years of keeping everything in one file, that file can get pretty big and things slow down. It’s usually tracks that take up the most space, so if there are some tracks you can move to a different file, that might speed things up again.

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Thanks Brad. I will move tracks tonight and see what the effect is.


Tom, I found that when I checked my Tracks there were dozens listed that went no where. Apparently each time I opened CE I had tracking checked off so a new track would start. I Deleted all of them to try and keep my files less confusing.


I have multiple problems indicating I probably need to reinstall CE. Any time I try to delete a track or a route, CE abruptly closes. I’ll save my .nob file and uninstall and reinstall CE hopefully I can keep my charts so I don’t have to download them.


Hello Tom,

Before you reinstall Coastal Explorer, please try installing the latest update. This can be done either by starting and synchronizing Coastal Explorer. Or, you can manually download it outside the program using the link below: