Coastal Explorer tide calendar scroll issue

When I click on the “Conditions” icon, the current calendar month appears on my iPad. However, when I repeat the same process on my iPhone 11 the July 2021 calendar is cut off at the 3rd week. Scrolling up or down does not expose the last week of July but moves the background screen.
Please advise

Thank you for the feedback. I will report this to our developers.

If your iPhone is in portrait mode, you can increase the size of the Conditions panel to show more, by dragging the panel upwards in the area between the chart and the panel. On my iPhone X, this allows me to see the entire calendar, but I have the normal sized X, not the +. This “may not” be necessary on Apple’s largest phones.

We’ll fix this, but in the mean time you can also change the height of the browser panel by dragging the top edge up and down.

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I was able to move the “Conditions” panel up but now no calendar or tide graph is displayed; just the “Overview” information.

Hello. Steven here.

You may have inadvertently left the tide station, and the month selection panel. If you choose a tide station again, in the overview area, you should be able to tap the date at the top and see the month view to choose a date from. Since you’ve expanded the browser to make it taller, you should see more, perhaps all, of the month view.

Steven: I cannot find any tide level predictions for Budd Inlet on my iPhone CE app now. When I click on the “Conditions” icon, the tide level prediction for Commencement Bay displays.


We are investigating. Will update you here when we know more.

It’s hard to say what might be going wrong without seeing your screen, but when you open the Conditions browser, it will show you information for the area shown in the chart. If you are looking at an area large enough to cover both Commencement Bay and Budd Inlet, then it will pick up to three tide stations that are closest to the center of the chart and you might not see what you are hoping for.

Try zooming in to Budd Inlet and/or moving the chart so it’s near the center, and that tide station should appear in the list. Once you see the station you want on the Overview page, you can tap that station to go to its own page where you can select different dates, etc. From there, tapping Back or the Conditions button will get you back to the Overview.