Feature Adds Please

A menu item under “new” called “Anchor watch” instead of the boundary circle that I have to resize every time and make it outside alarm instead of inside alarm. Why does boundary circle instantly set the alarm off if you create it near the vessel, annoying.

Rightclick a route and select “reverse route AND activate” 2 clicks instead of 4.

Force route properties boxes to avoid popping up over the end of a route where the lollypop shows up and not populate over each other.

Allow a default color instead of that awful magenta for range bearing lines and to make the text larger by default.

The boundary circle can be used for many things, so it’s not entirely clear what the default alarm type should have been. However, I agree that it should sound off if you create one with your boat inside and will add that to our bug list. However, we added a feature a while ago that lets you create a customizable anchor alarm using the Screens browser. Using this would let you set the size of your anchor alarm and set it to an “outside” alarm.

To do that, open the Screens browser, select an unused screen, add a chart panel (or what ever panel(s) you want to appear when anchored), then click Options at the top of the screen. In the window that appears, give this screen a name like “Anchor Alarm” and pick any other options you want. In particular, check “Add a boundary circle alarm at boat’s position” and set the desired radius.

I’ll add your other requests to our list.

Thanks, I’ll try the screens option. I wouldn’t want to replace the boundary circle with anchor watch, because I use that too for rounding terrain points and like to stay 1/4 mile off, but anchor watch could be another option in that menu. Ron

+10 for changing the bearing line color and text size. I can not see the magenta color unless its over white.