Incorrect response to ipad keys

I have a couple of issues with the iOS version. First, whenever CE loads it shows the west coast. I touch the boat icon and it shifts to my location on the east. When i use the - or + key on my ipad magic keyboard it takes the appropriate action for the first touch. However, when i touch the symbol the second time it reverts back to the west coast. Secondly, when I pinch the screen to increase or decrease the size of the chart on the screen after a brief change in map size it flips my location back to the west. Third, when I hit the boat icon it shows my home which is where i am presently. When I move the chart eastward, i get a section around the Potomac River, where the land lacks detail. When I move further east, lets say to the Chesapeake Bay, the land detail returns.

I. Am not quite sure what’s going on. I’ve done all the latest updates to CE and my ipad.

I’m afraid you are running into the issue described in Coastal Explorer on iPad Flashes and Loops Endlessly - #2 by rcassano. It turns out this is caused by a bug in iOS/iPadOS version 15 and we are waiting for Apple to release a fix. Unfortunately they have not provided us with a timeline for that fix and we have been unable to come up with a work-around.

This problem does not happen everywhere, but it does seem to be common in the Chesapeake Bay area as well as some others. Since that’s where you are, and we can’t say when Coastal Explorer will work there again, you might want to request a refund from Apple. Instructions for requesting a refund can be found at: Request a refund for apps or content that you bought from Apple - Apple Support.