Instument "Waypoint"

I recently bought a new laptop for using Coastal Explorer… on the old laptop I had an instrument called “Waypoint”… it displayed in the instrument panel as “Activate Route” buttom… clicking on the button displayed a small box that allowed you to select a route from a drop down list… once you select the route it became the active route and then displayed in the instrument panel…

WPx (with a drop down selection list of all waypoints in route.

I was happy with this and was trying to reconfigure it on the new laptop… I can’t seem to locate the instrument “Waypoint” on the laptop.

Where is it located to add this ?


We have removed this instrument in Coastal Explorer 4. The new instrument that serves the same purpose is called “Route Monitor.” Try adding that to your Instrument panel. It will give you information on the active waypoint, intermediate waypoints, and the destination, all in a single instrument.

Yeah… I saw that… been using that… just not quite the same functionality… liked the ability to select another waypoint and have it always displayed rather than the scrolling list of waypoints in the route…. :blush:



I have added your post to our feature request list. I don’t think we’re going to bring this instrument back, but we may change the existing Route Monitor instrument to account for this need.

In the meantime, you can turn off “unnamed” waypoints, then give a name to those that you want to see in the intermediate waypoints list. Turning off unnamed waypoints will only show the ones you’ve given names. This may be enough on it’s own for your needs.

To turn off “show unnamed waypoints”, right-click on the new(er) Route Monitor instrument. The menu that appears has this option.