Network connection retry

Using the CE feature for network connections, I find it works well generally, but fails when an already established connection fails in the LAN side, but once the LAN is restored, the CE connection does not reconnect. I must quit and restart CE on the client side to reconnect. You need to add some reconnect logic there.


I assume you’re using a “NMEA 0183 Over TCP” network port…is that correct? (There are a couple of other options too, but that seems most likely here.)

If so, then a lost connection should be noted on the port’s page in the Electronics area. However, due to the nature of TCP, if the port is configured only as a listener, then not all lost connections can be detected. If you set the port as a talker and have it send a sentence periodically then lost connections will be detected as soon as Coastal Explorer tries to send a sentence. (The ZDA sentence is a good option for this.)

Yes, was using NMEA over TCP on 23.
Setting a Tx of ZDA is a fine workaround. (confirmed)
That said, TCP itself does have a keepalive option, but I couldn’t tell you how to access it from windows code.