Objects duplicated in Right click menu

I understand how when you right click on a route, the click might encompass several objects, depending upon zoom level. e.g. a Route, a track, another route sharing the same nearby waypoints, etc. However, at some point my CE installation started showing 2 of each thing, e.g. Route, (same) Route, track, (same) track, etc.Deleting one of them removes it from the context menu, but when you come back to it (say after a restart) the underlying object is deleted and there is no entry for it in the context menu.
It has done this for (seemingly) all of the routes, tracks, and waypoints in the nob. Somehow my installation became corrupt or I inadvertently adjusted something - I looked at Layers and don’t see anything unusual.
I say “installation” vs .nob because the objects are not duplicated in the nob. I can take the same nob file to another machine and it operates normally.

A bug? or a PEBKAC?

This is a known bug that has been fixed for the next update (which we hope to release soon).