Program stopped tracking

The program (Coastal Explorer) has stopped tracking. I clicked on the boat and tried start/stop tracking, and nothing. I closed and reopened the program and tried to start tracking again, nothing. I tried shutting down the computer, still no tracking. Can someone help me?

When you say your vessel isn’t tracking what exactly do you mean? Is your vessel not displayed at the expected GPS location, or is the red line not appearing behind you when you’re underway?

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The line is not tracking behind the boat.

Terrill & Christian Pizani

It sounds like your tracking settings have all been turned off. To get to your track settings, go to Ship’s Log > Tracks > Most recent track > Properties.

Under the tracking section of this page, you will see three checkboxes for Time Interval, Distance Interval, or Course Change. The default is distance, with and interval of 0.1 NM. Make sure one of these options is selected.

If this doesn’t solve your problem, feel free to call our support number at (425) 605-0985

That was it. Thank You!!

Terrill & Christian Pizani