2024 tide & current data?

Whoops, I went to plan some 2024 cruises for my club and realized that CE only has Tide & Current data for 2023.

When will 2024 data be available and how can I get it?

Please consider making the tide & Current data release more frequent. In Jan, data thru Dec seems like a long time. But being in Oct, and having no data past Dec is problematic. Perhaps a quarterly data release that provides data for 1 year ahead? That would would be nice.

Thanks for the feedback mvcalypso.

I understand why you would want that. I know that this has come up before at our office, but I will raise the issue again. The most I can promise is by the start of 2024.

There was a delay in the availability of Tide and Current information in Canadian Areas in 2023, and that delay was due to delays from the Canadian Hydrographic Service. I believe it was not available until April 2023.

You are correct. I retract my promise, since I can only promise things we are in complete control over.

Thanks for the responses. I probably should have said that I’m in the San Francisco Bay area and so my Primary interest is in US west coast data.