Account issue using Android CE

Below is the error i get when i try to go to account settings from laptop CE product so i can add Canadian charts to the Android version of CE. Also how do you get a subscription going on the android phone I go to Charts and Add-ons store button and get invalid message then in blue print below that are 5 options “Restore Purchase” no action, “Manage Subscriptions” sends me to google play discover subscriptions, “Manage Billings” i get Payment methods and the last 2 are terms of service and privacy which i didnt click on

so how do i get a subscription and or fix this account problem so i can access the Canadian charts i have purchased already


Something went wrong finishing your account. Please contact Rose Point Support for assistance. (code 400 fatal-other-licenses Associated product license (Prrov:80508, user: 80508)

There are two issues here. One of them I can answer very quickly, which is that you cannot, yet, purchase charts for Canada on the Android App. We are working towards that, but we don’t have an ETA for when they’ll be available.

The second issue, assuming you still want to subscribe after learning that you can’t get Canadian charts, will take some more investigation. We’ll discuss the message you sent and get back to you.

Hello again,

When you get the error message you sent, what exactly are doing? Are you trying to create a new account (per the "something wrong finishing your account.) message, or signing into your already existing account that’s on your PC Coastal Explorer? Thanks.

Hey! What the…? CE for Android? Where is the fanfare? Where was the product announcement? Where was the coming out party? You guys went full Steve Jobs when you dropped CE for Apple, why is this tech question the first time I am hearing about CE for android. It’s not like you don’t have my email address.

the account manager item is now working OK -

when there are Canadian Charts available can you let me know and i will start using the Android product