Ais data and charts

Why cant i see boat positions its basically just a map no sailing line no heading line no mile markers no traffic? I paid for the subscription and everything

Hi Rwilson1982,

There can be various reasons for all of these issues, but if you just installed our software you will still need to download charts and install any sensors you would like data from, such as AIS or GPS. I would suggest either e-mailing us at or call 425-605-0985 and we can hopefully clear everything up.

It appears that you’re using the mobile app. We don’t yet have inland charts for the mobile app. We’re working on this so this should change at some point in the future.

The app should be able to use a position sensor (GPS) if your device has one built-in, otherwise you’ll need to connect one to the device, using Bluetooth or WiFi.

It is not possible to show AIS targets unless your mobile device is connected to an AIS. Paying for the subscription makes that possible.