AIS Overlay on Coastal Explorer on laptop

My laptop died and with it, my ability to see AIS (Other Vessels) overlayed on Coastal Explorer charts. With new laptop, all i see is little green boat (mine).
I am not sure how to overlay my AIS (Standard Horizon and Garmin Plotter) on this new laptop.
Any Ideas? thx

you have to tell Coastal Explorer where to find the AIS data on your network.

On the left side of the screen, at the bottom is a settings icon that looks like a gear wheel. Click on that.
Scroll down to Electronics & click on that.
From there - click on “Configure a new device”

I can’t help you beyond that, since I don’t know how your boat is configured. If you got AIS data on the prior laptop, then that Standard Horizon radio is connected to your boats network, and that is connected to (probably) wifi on the boat. But you have to know the IP address and a port number to connect to. That will depend on how your boat’s network is set up.