Ais signal disappeared

Hello, I have read the previous forums and can’t resolve this issue.

This morning after starting PC running CE all AIS signals were on the chart and in the list. After about 30 minutes they disappeared. Everything else, coming into PC via Actisense, is available.

AIS targets are all working on other devices, e.g. Raymarine MFD via nmea 2000 and Ipad running Navionics receiving via TCP/IP from Vesper. So Vesper is working.

The Vesper is showing in CE electronics page. I closed and reopened CE with no change. I closed CE and then restarted PC. Still no AIS.

Can you advise or provide link to next steps.

Thank you.

Craig Rowell
S/Y La Perouse

Your screen shot is very puzzling as it shows Coastal Explorer is receiving data from the Vesper, but no data is being displayed (a list of the received PGNs should appear in a box below the “Sensor Settings” box. I can’t think of what would cause that. Do you have other NMEA 2000 devices, and if so are they all working properly?

Would it be possible for you to work with Rose Point Support on this during our normal business hours and with an internet connection?

After remoting into the system today, we noticed that someone had turned off the “Show Vessels” checkbox in Settings > AIS. This will completely turn off AIS target display, even when AIS data is coming into Coastal Explorer. Once we checked that, AIS targets appeared.