AIS Target List Sort Order

I would like to be able to sort the AIS target list by proximity. The default sorting (perhaps by CPA?) often results in rapid rearrangement of AIS targets in the list making it difficult to focus on a particular target.

Zora Neale

There is a “Sort By” option above the list of vessels and selecting “Range” will sort the vessels based on their proximity to your location.


Sorry - Where is the “sort by” option located?

It is not shown here, and right clicking on the target list, does not get a sort by option.


OK - I found it.

I was looking at the instrument panel, with an AIS radar, and AIS target list. That shows up on the right.

But, if you click on the triangle AIS target looking icvon on the left side, you get a different list that does have a sort by option.

Learned something new!

Sorry, I assumed that was the list you were referring to… Glad you were able to learn of its existence!

The list in the instrument panel was designed to help prioritize vessels that you are more likely going to have to consider. It does that by splitting vessels into groups like “dangerous”, “passing inside 0.25 NM”, “passing outside 0.25 NM”, and “not passing”. The first three groups are sorted by TCPA which means they are in the order in which you will be passing them and the last group is sorted by the distance between you and that vessel.

Hopefully the Tracking browser will work for your use case as we feel adding sorting options to the list in the instrument panel would effectively change its purpose or at least require disabling the grouping feature.

I did not ask the original question.

The way that the instrument panel displays AIS targets in groups works for me. I’ve moved my boat maybe 1,000 miles in the Western Rivers and Gulf ICW looking at AIS data on Coastal Explorer - seems totally useful and understandable at a glance with the way it is.