Ais targets dissappearing

I need to restart the program to get Ais targets to reappear.

How do you have your AIS connected to your computer. For example, are you using a USB to Serial adapter? Whatever you’re using, it sounds like we may be losing the connection to the COM port. Closing then restarting the software may be reestablishing that connection, but a properly functioning COM port or USB/Serial adapter shouldn’t require that.

I found a ticket from 2021 where you had spoken with Max on this problem. At the time, you weren’t able to get Internet on your computer so we could remote and and investigate more deeply. If you do now have Internet, we may be able to investigate this more deeply, but the behavior you’re describing isn’t normal so it’s hard to tell you directly what to do to solve it. Either way, we’ll need to know more about you are getting the AIS data into the computer. In the ticket, Max also mentioned that you were going to have a marine electronics guy some take a look. Did that happen?

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I had a similar problem a couple of years ago, that was eventually traced to how CE and my AIS implemented NMEA 2000. If I recall correctly, it was corrected with a CE update. I was using a NEMO for getting NMEA 2000 to CE. What really helped in troubleshooting was having two different MFDs on the network which did not drop AIS targets.