Anchor watch enabled?

We are at anchor tonight and was really excited to try out the iPad in the cabin and set an anchor boundary circle. I even installed a wifi access point in the cabin to be able to reach the NEMO on the ethernet network. Upon setting it up, I built the circle, adjusted the radius in properties, set for outside alert. Then upon moving the circle away from the boat, no alert. I checked volume, alert settings, couple other things but cannot get the alert to happen. On WinCE dragging the circle away from the boat sets off alarms, no problem. Is this just not set up for iPad yet?

This is a feature that has not been implemented just yet either. As of right now, you will not receive any audible alerts from anchor alerts. It should be coming soon.

Build 36 fixes this and was released this afternoon.

Hmm, still no alerts on the boundary circle. Any difference from the windows app to set this up? Updated to build 36.

We found another problem that could prevent the boundary alarms from sounding if you had an AIS transponder. Build 37 fixes that and several other problems. Hopefully that one will work for you!

Ok that worked for the notification. While trying to set the boundary radius, I clicked on the properties and on the radius block, then backspace to remove the existing diameter that was 0.25NM and the data kept repopulating and would not let me change it. This went on for several tries, and finally stopped arguing. Seems that when I backspaced to 0 NM it didn’t like that