Annotation visibility at large scale

New to CE. The text on annotations stops displaying as I zoom out. (In my case, beyond 1:200,000) Can the visibility point be controlled?
Thank You

Strange, on mine system they stop appearing at 1:250,000. There is presently no way to change the scale at which this happens, and is intended to reduce clutter. Note that marks should change to a small black dot on the chart, so you at least know there’s something there to zoom in on.

Thanks for the response. I’m using CE exclusively for dead reckoning from USN deck logs to graphically display vessel locations relative to VA acknowledged herbicide contaminated coastal waters of Vietnam. The only relevant information is/are the marks, boundaries, tracks and annotations. I actually do not use background charts as they do tend to obscure those things. It would seem traditional navigation use would also benefit from being able to see an overview of longer voyages along with added annotations.

I’m very new to CE but am enjoying exploring all its features and efficiently producing precision plots.

Thanks Again

Brad Davidson


Thank you for the feedback!