Anyone have an archive of cancelled NOAA RNCs?

I would like to keep a copy of all (preferably most recent) NOAA RNCs, including the cancelled ones.
I see the cancelled ones are no longer available for download from NOAA.
A copy of an older NOAA from before the cancellations started for the phase out of RNCs would be great. (It should be about 3GB).

Not for navigation, just for reference (and the artistic nature of them). I find the ENCs don’t have the same detail about place names, on shore construction, etc. and so I like to occasionally flip to the RNC view.

I think CE keeps them on board if they were downloaded earlier, they are just disabled from (default) view.
Unfortunately, in a fit of cleanup, I deleted all NOAA charts and re-downloaded them…


Did you ever find them?

We do not maintain an archive of all the older (cancelled) raster charts.