Arrival Circle radius

Is there a way to change the Arrival Circle radius for all waypoints on a route without editing the property of every waypoint? The default 0.05 mm is too large for some applications (e.g. lighted boat parade with nearby hazards).

Yes, you can select all of the waypoints you want to adjust and then drag one of the arrival circles to change all of them at once.

You can select multiple waypoints by either first clicking on one to select it and then clicking on each of the others while holding the Ctrl key, or by holding the Alt key while dragging a box around all of them.

Thanks for your reply.

I am able to multi-select using the Ctrl key and clicking on each WP and I found I could create a drag box using the Ctrl key and the mouse right click. Handy. I was always trying that with the left mouse.

When I have multiple WPs selected, I cannot figure how to drag an arrival circle as those are only visible when I have the route selected. Is this a configuration setting? I do not recall the arrival circles disappearing in the past when I selected other objects.

Sorry, I forgot a step… This will only work when the Route Details panel is showing as that will keep the arrival circles visible on the current route as you select the waypoints.

Bingo! Thanks! Zoom to route, drag the box to select all, select details, zoom in to a WP, and drag the radius. Worked great.

Rather than grab and resize the circle, is there a way to specify the actual diameter in feet for this resize?

At this time, only for individual waypoints, by viewing the properties for a single waypoint. Presently, there is no way to show the properties for multiple selected waypoints.

I’m missing something here. I’ve individually selected multiple waypoints to change the boundary circle. However, attempting approach of drawing a box around a group of waypoints doesn’t function or I do not understand the process. When I select the route so all the waypoint boundary circles are displayed how do I draw a box around them? If I do select the route and while holding the control key an attempt to draw a box simply results in the chart being moved. What am I missing? Thank you.

Sorry, my fault… To drag a selection box, hold down the Alt key (not the Ctrl key like I said above). Also, after you have made the selection box and your waypoints are selected, you need to clear the box by either dragging the chart a bit or pressing the Esc key. (Trying to drag an arrival circle will also clear the box, but won’t change the circle until you drag it again.)

Also you can hold a right click (on PC) while drawing a box around the waypoints you wish to modify. Using the zoom at the bottom of the screen to get down close to one of the waypoints so you can see the arrival circle, then a short click and drag on an empty spot on the chart to remove the blue tinted box you drew, and hover over the fine line of the arrival circle and your cursor will have a tiny target show up, now click and drag the circle larger or smaller, all the rest will follow. This is pretty picky about all the steps correct and in order. A click link in the route details browser and “set arrival circle radius for entire route” would be much more useful, especially if your route is long, convoluted or covers other routes waypoints that you may not want to modify. A modifiable default setting would be nice too.