Audio Impacts of App and streaming music

When you are using your device to stream music, and then start Coastal Explorer, it stops the music.
If you already have the app running, and then start playing music, there are no impacts when switching.
Expected Behavior - Streaming music to Bluetooth device continues.

When there is an audio alert, it stops the music.
Expected Behavior - maybe music volume is lowered (like a car nav system.)

Setup: iPhone8, streaming Spotify or XM Sirrius to a Bluetooth (Fusion) stereo system.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, that’s great feedback. We’re looking into it!

We fixed the problem of pausing audio playback at startup in build 39. However, we still have the issue where audio is paused if an alarm is sounded. We’ll try to get that fixed for the next update.

Well isn’t that fast service! Thanks, Brad. Will test ASAP when cruising next.