Auto Sensor Selection Defaults

Is it possible to save the checked/unchecked status of the Auto Sensor Selection check box?

If I set mine to a specific gps sensor, uncheck the Auto Select button and restart the program it defaults to checked. I have multiple gps sensors connected to the NEMO so this makes my position and heading on the screen vary wildly if I’m zoomed in really close.

Same behavior with correct shut down and with incorrectly shutting down (like a computer power failure or windows lock up.


The ability to select a specific sensor is really intended to handle temporary situations like testing a configuration or comparing the positions of two sensors and that is why the state is not saved.

The sensor priorities are intended to provide control over how the automatic option will choose a sensor and these settings are persistent. If you move the GPS you normally want selected to the top of the priority list, then that is what “auto” will choose unless that GPS isn’t providing a fix, then the next one down will be used.

Will that handle what you’re trying to do?