Availability of Full Instrument Panel

I was wondering when the full instrument panel will be available on the iPad. I am mainly looking for RPM, Temp, Pressure, Tank Level, fuel flow, etc. which are currently not available on the iPad app.

We aren’t sure when those will be added as we are focussed on finishing the more basic functionality so we can release the app. It probably won’t be too long after that though, as several of us really want them on our boats too!

I completely understand the importance of keeping the priority on features, but I will be honest… unless I have the ability to use the software at least somewhat functionally, I will not be able to test it full time and I think that this is the case for most of the beta testers.

As it stands, right now, I have to Remote Desktop into my helm computer to get the gauges and all the navigation routes available. Because the iPad app doesn’t work in the background I can’t switch back and forth between the apps. So for the most part the use of the iPad app is limited when I know where I am going, in good weather, and good seas. The other option I have is to have another device, running the iPad app interface so that I can have the gauges and such on the Remote Desktop app. And honestly, iPads don’t grow on trees these days.

I love testing the app, and I really enjoy using the features that you have so far, I truly think that it has amazing potential as whole boat management system… but as it has limitations until all the gauges are available.

Thanks for the hard work. Truly appreciate the effort.

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