Backup computer ce install/transfer

I looked, but did not find a thread that would discuss simplifying install of CE SW on a second laptop computer. I wish to mirror on a new Dell Laptop that I currently have on my toshiba. The operating system is windows 10 on laptop while my older Toshiba in windows 8ish ( I think I am answering my question). I would like to move chart files and especially the drivers and settings for my NEMO gateway interface and the settings in electronics, maybe also my Maretron USB-100 device. Bottom line, do I need to do SW install from start, or are there way to effect a migration by moving files to folder location using a portable drive. Just askin!

Trying to mirror the hard-drive of another system is fraught with peril. The Nemo Gateway doesn’t need drivers, btw, a benefit of Ethernet over USB.

It will be easier to help you with Nemo configuration, getting charts, and the Maretron than the problems that could arise by mirroring the other hard-drive.

I recommend you do a clean install. What charts do you have besides NOAA charts for the USA? I don’t see any purchased BC charts or C-MAP charts on your account. Getting USA charts is dead easy, and has some big advantages over copying them to the new system.

For example: If you copy all your charts from the other system over, we will only update those charts, rather than all the charts within a Coast Guard District. This means you’d never get any new charts that NOAA has added. For that to work, you must tell CE which USCG Districts you want, and that won’t happen by copying your charts from the other system.

Well presented. Will proceed with a fresh install and find the more recent drivers for things like the maretron USB 100, etc. And it will be a different operating system - so your advice is loud an clear and appreciated. thank you

Also, I don’t recommend using the USB100 at the same time as the Nemo Gateway. It’s fine to have the USB100 available for use in case the Nemo fails, but using them at the same time will only force CE to decode the same information twice, a waste of your processor power.

Copy that ! I have the Maretron for back up. It is disconnected. Will heed your advice !

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