Beta Testing, how much to share?

Is this the proper place to share every little thing we find not working or buggy? I assume that you know there are lots of things still not implemented. I don’t want to blast you with a bunch of stuff you already know about.
Like: Under alerts, voice alerts, speech rate, the word speech is misspelled speach.
or I don’t see a way to start/save a new file of “my routes” is that operational yet?

Thanks, Ron
this is very cool!

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At this point we’re mostly interested in hearing about ‘bugs’ or things that look like they should work, but don’t. However, we hadn’t noticed that misspelling yet, so thanks for that!

Also, there are three ways to report issues and to provide us with feedback and you may want to choose a method based on the type of feedback:

  1. Here on the forum – this is a good place to post feedback or issues that might be of interest to other users, either because there might be a workaround, or some discussion might be useful.

  2. With the screenshot feature in TestFlight – this is a simple thing you can do while using the app when you see a problem and the screen shot gets to us with a short comment you can add.

  3. With email or the Send Beta Feedback command in the TestFlight app – the Send Beta Feedback command in TestFlight really just opens an email message addressed to You can send us messages that way if you don’t feel the forum would benefit from it, however this is usually the most ‘expensive’ way to deal with feedback for us, so we would prefer to use screen shots or the forum when possible.

The screen shot feature in TestFlight is probably the easiest way for you to provide us with quick feedback, and it can work great for us too. To use the misspelling as an example, you could take a screenshot by clicking the power and volume-up buttons at the same time, highlight the problem on the screen shot with the drawing tools, and send it to us all in a few seconds.

Hey Brad, thanks for the info. Could you please detail how to send a screenshot in the testflight app? I know how to do a screenshot (on my ipad its power and home key), should I just email that to Or is there a shorter way?

When an app is in beta, the share screen shot share button includes the option to send the screen shot to the developer as feedback. Here are the steps:

  1. Take a screen shot as you normally would (the button combination varies by device)
  2. Tap the thumbnail that appears in the corner of the screen
  3. Optionally draw on or edit the image
  4. Click the Share button (the box with the up arrow pointing out of it)
  5. Select the “Share Beta Feedback” option from the menu that appears
  6. Add a comment describing why you’re sending the image
  7. Tap “Submit”

Ok, I see most of that, but the “share beta feedback” is not present in that menu. I have “add to notes” “Shared Albums” “more” (not under more), “assign to contact” “copy” “print” “save to files” " more" (not there either)

Apparently the TestFlight screen shot feature requires iOS/iPadOS 13 and I saw on another post you are running version 12, so that explains the missing option… I guess in that case, you would need to use the Mail option to send it to

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