Bob 423 track download

how to download Bob 423 tracks to coastal explorer


I’m sorry but I don’t know what “Bob 423” is. If you can explain further perhaps I can help more.

The BOB 423 track is maintained by a small team that I believe is associated with Navionics software. They maintain a track that gets folks down the Intercoastal Waterway in a manner to avoid shoaling which is common. They provide links to GPX files where someon with coastal explorer can import the track and convert to a route! too cool!

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ooops…not Navionics, maybe Aqua Map Master.

Bob doesnt have anything to do with either Navionics or AquaMap. Bob’s users tend to like AquaMap becuase of the way it displays the Army Corps of Engineers survey data - which is important for the ICW areas his tracks cover.

Hint, hint - Rosepoint. Look at the way AquaMap integrates the Corps of Engineers depth surveys into the ICW charts. Great stuff.

Bob 423 maintains a set of ICW cruising tracks that help you avoid shoaled areas. His tracks are updated regularly, based on reports from users in the field, sonar data collected and sent back in, and directly from info obtained from Army Corps of Engineers, including the Corp’s very detailed and very frequent depth surveys for the Western Rivers and the ICW.

For those interested in the waters he covers, his tracks are navigational gold. Great stuff.

Here is the info on downloading the tracks.

You download the track, then import into Coastal Explorer.

The tracks are .gpx files, and so a standard format.


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