Boundry Crossing

Returning from the Bahamas I crossed “boundaries” which caused alarms. The Rose Point display went crazy and seemed to lose position data. Is there a way to ignore boundaries, or deal with this such that navigation is not disrupted?


Crossing a boundary should have zero effect on losing position data. It’s just crossing a boundary, whether the boundary has a crossing alarm or not.

You can disable the alarm by clicking the Settings button at the left, followed by Alerts under Preferences. There you’ll find a checkbox next to Boundary Crossing. Unchecking that will disable boundary crossing alarms, but that still doesn’t explain the behavior, which just shouldn’t be occurring, so I have doubts whether this is actually tied to crossing a boundary.

In order to understand what’s actually going on here, I suggest you have our support department a call, preferably when you have Internet, so we can remote in and try to investigate.