Build 55.1 Event and MOB buttons

Inserting an event or MOB still does not work. My guess is you haven’t had time to address this. I am confident you will get there. I really like this program. I have installed a USB port and a mounting bracket on my skiff, CE on my cell phone will be a significant addition.

We still have no idea why this is happening for you, and we haven’t been able to reproduce the problem here, so haven’t been able to do anything about fixing it. However Build 55.1 does create a log that we hope will provide some clues.

Just so I’m clear on the symptom, though, you can’t create ANY navigation objects right? (It’s not just events and MOBs?)

If you would send us a log, we’ll get right on trying to figure this out. Here’s how:

  1. Open Coastal Explorer
  2. Wait for the spinning sync indicator on the Settings button to disappear
  3. Tap on Search and enter /settings/sync_log
  4. Tap the Copy button
  5. Open your email program, create a new mail and use Paste to add the log to the message
  6. Send the email to