C Map Charts and Updates

Good morning. Are there still issues with C Map charts and related updates/downloads? If I recall a while back someone at your company noted that C Map was hacked or some other issues that prevented interacting with c Map. Please let me know.


Good morning!

Yes, I’m sorry to say that the situation with C-MAP’s licensing servers has not yet been resolved and we aren’t sure when it will be.

I’m a new user. When I try to access C-Map in your store function, I get a message saying it’s closed for maintenance. It’s been that way for days. So is that to be considered a permanent condition and that C-Map charts are no longer available?

Yes, when C-MAP’s licensing servers were taken offline, due to a security incursion, we had to shut the store down so customers wouldn’t try to buy something we can’t sell. We do not know if it is a permanent condition or not. C-MAP has been unable to provide us an ETA on when it will be working again. Sorry about that.

I have just had a number of conversations with support at C-Map (Navico) on this licensing issue (I have a C-Map chart for Mexico that I want to update). Bottom line - there is a work-around so you can buy C-Map charts for CE directly from Navico, but it involves a number of steps. I’m not sure its worth the hassle, particularly as I don’t know if the updated chart is significantly better that the version I have. And, yes, Navico apparently has no idea when the computer issues will be resolved.

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Hello Steven
I am currently looking into purchasing Coastal Explorer. However, I am an international sailor and I need map coverage for all over the world. Now I tested your program and tried to get into the c-map store. It still says that the store is closed for maintenance but your post regarding that issue is more than 6 months old.
In order to decide to purchase Coastal Explorer please indicate how I can worldwide map coverage, then it is a done deal.
Kinde regards Franz

Hello Franz,

At this point in time your options with Coastal Explorer are limited internationally.

C-MAPs licensing server is still not up, and at this point I’d be surprised if it did, since C-MAP is cancelling MAX-PC charts.

Although it is our understanding that C-MAP is (or has) cancelled them, we’re heard that it is still possible to buy these directly from C-MAP, but it is a more tedious process.

We are investigating other solutions for world-wide charts.

There are also some options for specific areas, so if you let me know which regions you’re most interested in I may be able to provide options for at least some of them.