Cannot download weather from Rose Point

For the last week or so I’ve been unable to update the weather forecast from Rose Point.
I’ve got a solid internet connection and have not previously experienced this issue.
Screen shot with error message attached.
Some additional details:
I’m running Coastal Explorer on a PC laptop recently updated to Windows 11.
My BC charts subscriptions (Raster & Vector) expired on 4/6/23 and I anticipate renewing the subscription soon (Vector only).
I’ve tried the download with the firewall off, but that did not resolve the issue.
Please advise and thanks for the support.

I just tried this myself with no problems. The error says “cannot create file.” This could be a file-system permissions problem, meaning we’re unable to create a file in our data folder, or your hard-drive is out of free space. Those are the two issues I can think of anyway.

If you don’t think it’s one of those, give us a call. We’ll likely need to get remote access to investigate more deeply.


Thanks for the prompt reply.
There’s nearly 200GB’s of free storage on the hard drive, so that seems an unlikely culprit. What are your “office” hours and time zone? I’ll call tomorrow.
Until then, joe

Hours are: 7 AM - 5 PM Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)

The issue is resolved and the weather data is now downloading.
I think the problem was related to a firewall setting.
Thanks much.

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