CE App Subscription

I see my free subscription ends April 30. Looking to secure annual subscription. Will one subscription cover my iPhone and iPad? If so, how do I get past the need to pay when setting up second device.

One subscription will cover all devices that are associated with your Apple ID. As long as you are logged into that ID, you shouldn’t see any prompts for subscription on that second device.

Thank you Zach.


I understand the April 30th Ipad IOS free end-date, and am willing to subscribe - but, and its a big but, that you can convince us that c-map charts will be available on the app, or failing that NV charts…

I/we like many of your CE4 users in Europe and worldwide, seem to be left out in the cold with regards to charts…

your thoughts?

We would love to offer charts for the entire world, but we do not produce charts and need to license them from others which has proven to be a difficult and time consuming process. We are working on adding charts for more regions, but can’t yet say when that will happen.

We don’t expect anyone outside the US would get enough value from a subscription until we can offer charts for their region.

I have the CE subscription for Canadian Vector Charts. If I subscribe to the CE App will I be able to download the Canadian charts for use on my iPhone?

Regards, Frank silkwood

Hi @franksilkwood,

At this time, there are no options for downloading Canadian charts on the Coastal Explorer App for iPhone/iPad.