CE on PC - Route without waypoints or with only 1

I have managed to create routes that have one or none waypoint.I do not think it is correct.

Example to create with 1WPT:
You can click on PLUS and create new route from the map and after creating first point just click somewhere outside map or put escape button. The result is route with no name and 1 waypoint.

Example to create with no WPT:
Go to Voyage plan from the menu. Add route button. Enter coordinates tabstrip. Leave = Escape or close the window.

Please can you help repairing the behaviour? Thank you.

I will investigate and add a issue to our issue tracking system if I can replicate the behavior.

You can also “solve” the problem by adding buttons “Add Waypoint” and “RemoveWaypoint” to the route Details. This would allow to create a normal routes out of the void ones.In the current state there is no way how add WPTs and repair them. One can only delete them.