CE running on PC and iPad at the same time?

Assuming my PC is below deck running CE, connected to Nemo and activated to navigate a route. Also, my iPad is at the helm and connected to Nemo via WiFi.

Will it be possible start navigation on the PC and deactivate navigation on the iPad? Another words will the App eventually be able to share control with the PC?

Hi rcassano - did you get a private reply? These are great questions - I’m curious to know myself

Hello, Centerisland, no, not yet, but the app is still in development so will wait and see what direction it takes. In my opinion, it would be nice to have dual control between PC and iPad but that may be a little much to ask for in a first generation App. Just Having CE on the iPad at the helm to monitor what’s happening on the PC would be a great benefit all by itself.


We hope to have something like what you describe soon, but I’m afraid it won’t be in the initial release of Coastal Explorer for the iPad. (It is not possible with Coastal Explorer on two PC’s either.) This is near the top of my list of things we want to add ASAP, though!