Chart Rendering

When running two windows using NOAA vector charts the charts in the second window are stitched together like the charts in the first window. Specifically when zooming in and out in the second window at the boundary between two charts, chart detail will disappear at the desired zoom level all some of the charts. This doesn’t happen in the first window.

Additionally when going from two windows back to a single window and then back to two windows, the second window (the one on the left) is always zoomed all the way out, i.e., it doesn’t return to its previous zoom setting.


Hello Tom,

Please send a screenshot showing this “two windows” display you are referring to.

Thank you!


Did you receive the screenshots I sent?


No, I don’t think so. I searched on your registered email address and the last email I’ve received is from 2020. What address did you send it to? When did you send it?