Chart update panel closing bug?

Hi, I just ran into what appears to be a bug. CE version 4.0.23043.1747
I fired up CE, it looked for updates and found several charts to update.
Got the “list charts” small banner at the top of the screen & I clicked list charts.
The list of charts opened in the left hand panel.
I updated the charts, it counted down the charts left to go etc.
When it was done, I clicked the X (Upper right of the panel) to close the panel -
Instead of closing the panel, CE itself closed.
Reopened CE, got the “We did not shut down correctly last time” message.
I choose to send a bug report to you from that dialog.
It doesn’t give any ack that a report was sent, so I figured I’d post this as a follow up.

I can’t reproduce this at will as now the charts are already up to date, so I can’t go thru the same program path.
CE appears to be fine after the restart.

I figure this info is FYI, in case it helps to know the sequence that lead to the automated bug report.

Hi mvcalypso,

I see the error report you sent us yesterday. We’ll take a look at it and see if there’s anything useful to glean from it.

Thank you!

After looking at your error report, it appears to be a random crash. Let us know if that happens again.