Chart "Updates" stalling at 75%

We’d like you to try something, please.

Force-quit the Coastal Explorer app, then restart and try another Sync. Please send the Log from that, since another Log may provide more clues. Of course, it may just work, but send the Log in that case as well. Thank you!


I performed force-quit on the CE iPad app, then restarted the app and attempted another Sync. Same result; about 90% of the Sync loads and then stops. I emailed the resulting Log to your email address because the would not work.


I received it. Thanks.


Was the Log I sent any help in addressing this update issue?


Brad is investigating it. You’ll hear from one of us when we have something useful to say.

Unfortunately, no the log didn’t help as it also indicated that the NOAA ENC download had finished but none of the other downloads (e.g. Active Captain, tides, etc) had started. The log does not indicate any problems, just lack of progress. I’m afraid at this point we can’t think of anything for you to try but we are still trying to figure out what could cause the update to stop like that.


I successfully updated the CE OFFLINE DATA on my iPhone 11 just now in less than a minute.

Am I the only CE iPad client having this issue?


I’m not sure if you are the only one having this problem, but you are the only one reporting it.

Brad will be back when he has something useful to say or ask.

I have been expermenting with various methods to update the “Offline Charts and Data” on my iPad.
If all of the offline update options are deleted except for “NOAA ENC Vector Charts,” those charts will successfully update. When “Active Captain” is added to the vector charts selection, both update. However, when adding " NOAA Tide and Current Predictions" to the other two, the update does not complete. In addition, if only the “NOAA Tide and Current Predictions” or the “US Coast Pilot” are individually selected, neither update.
Hopefully, this information will help you determine the cause and a solution to this issue.