Chart "Updates" stalling at 75%

When I push the “Start Updates” button, the program will start the “Updating” process and then about the 75% complete level of the installation. I’ve noted the i-pad power % has been about 38%. I’ve tried clearing memory, turning off i-pad completely and then restarting all to no avail. I’ve done this now several times and it will stall at about 75" update completion. I’ve let the program “install” overnight and can’t ever get past that 75% update point.

Today I’ve plugged the i-pad into power and brought the i-pad batteries to 100%. Now it seems to work okay but when I go to "Charts the “Last Update” bar says “Never”. Hmmm. I’ve talked with Max on several occasions and he suggested I I put this question on the Community site.

Thanks, Eric Stephan

Problems like this usually have to do with either trying to download too large of an area or the device shutting off during the download. The first part of the download (until about 90% on the progress bar) is for chart data and the last 10% is for things like tide predictions, Coast Pilots, and Active Captain. This percentage split is a guess, so the first 90% might take significantly less or more than 90% of the total time. The Last Update time is only set if everything completes.

It sounds like it got pretty far, but maybe didn’t quite finish downloading the non-chart items. If you try again, Coastal Explorer should only download what it doesn’t already have, so if it really did come close to finishing, another update might quickly bring things up-to-date.

If it doesn’t, then there is a barely visible “Log” button on the far-right side of the part of the Settings screen that has the “Update Now” and “Options” buttons. Try tapping that, Using the Copy option, and then pasting that into an email to and we can try to figure out what’s going wrong.

Brad: I have had the same experience attempting to update CE charts on my iPad and iPhone. I followed your suggestion and clicked the “Log” icon and then tapped “Copy.” I have been unable to “Paste” the log data into an email to I do not see a “Paste” option in the Mail app nor can I find a solution on the Internet. Any suggestions?

Start by creating a new mail message and then tap in the area where you would normally type your message. A little popup should appear with the Paste option. On the iPad, you will also get a Paste option near the top-left corner of the on-screen keyboard (you should see options for Cut, Copy, and Paste there).

@DLECE: We received your log and were able to find and fix the problem; thanks for sending it in!

It turns out that most of your chart data was downloading to your device just fine. The part that wasn’t was one of the text files that are sometimes “attached” to a feature in the chart. These appear as links in the properties panel like this:

There was a problem on our servers that was preventing Coastal Explorer from downloading that file and others like it.

Performing another update should download those files and show that your device is up-to-date.

@Indara: Hopefully the problem you ran into is the same thing. Please try updating again when you get a chance and let us know if it’s working now.

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I have successfully updated the “OFFLINE DATA” data on both the iPhone and the iPad. However, the data for “YOUR DATA” was last updated Sept 4, 2021 on my iPad, with an error message; screenshot attached. A copy of the iPad update log was emailed to yesterday. Am I correct to assume the data for the “YOUR DATA" feature is automatically updated when the CE app is opened and the device has an Internet connection but the data for “OFFLINE DATA” is a manual update function?
Any suggestions?
Thanks ,


“YOUR DATA” refers to things you create, including routes, marks, instrument panels, etc. while “OFFLINE DATA” refers to the charts and other layers selected for offline use with the Options button in your screenshot. “YOUR DATA” is normally synchronized continuously as you use Coastal Explorer while the “OFFLINE DATA” is updated manually you use the “Update Now” option.

From that error message, it looks like your sign-in session has expired which is preventing the synchronization from happening. The log you sent us indicate that Coastal Explorer has been running for nearly a month which could cause the session to expire as they are renewed when you start the app or sign out and back in. However, we’ve never seen this happen before as iPadOS usually terminates apps when they are not needed.

We’ll need to do something to handle this case in a future update, but in the meantime you should be able to get things going again by either quitting Coastal Explorer, or signing out and back in with the “Settings > Accounts” page.

Brad… Yes, your fix fixed my problem of the updating “Stall”. I updated and all now works great. Thanks for your response to this problem.

Brad: My “YOUR DATA” updated after I signed out and back into the CE app. However, an error message appears:
Should I be concerned about this error message?

I’m afraid I have no idea why you are still getting that message, and that concerns me. Would you mind forcing Coastal Explorer to close and then start it back up again to see if that clears the error?

Brad: fixed issue, thanks