Click drag to zoom

I know there is a control that changes the mouse behavior to click and drag to select a rectangular area then zoom in on that portion of the chart rather than dragging the whole chart around. Where is that control located? Thanks!

You can do that by holding down the Alt key when you press the mouse button to begin dragging, or if your mouse has a middle button (usually part of a scroll wheel), you can use that button without the Alt key.

Another way is to use the keyboard to select the “Selection Mouse Tool” by using Ctrl+Q followed quickly by the S key (you can also use Ctrl+Q Z for the “Zoom Mouse Tool” or Ctrl+Q P for the “Pan Mouse Tool”).


I’m impressed – a simple tech support request answered first thing on a Monday by the CEO. That’s one reason I promote CE to every serious boater I know. Thank you!

There used to be a way to make this the default mouse behavior, which I preferred. But other than having to remember another hot key sequence, this works fine.

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Douglas Cochrane

Hello Doug,

The default behavior for Coastal Explorer version 4 is as follows:

(Left-click + drag) pans the chart display.
(Right-click + drag) selects objects within the drag defined rectangle.
(Middle-click + drag) zooms into the drag defined rectangle.

There is presently no way to set the default behavior of left-click + drag so, after using Brad’s CTRL+Q S, restarting CE will revert to the above default behavior.