Cloud sync and losing changes while editing

I love the new cloud sync feature. I run CE on Windows on my nav computer and a separate laptop, and it is very handy to have changes automatically synced between the two so I can do planning work on one while navigating with the other. I pretty much use one layer (aside from backup layers) and the cloud sync layer is the primary/only one enabled.

One issue I have started having is sometimes as I’m editing things my changes will mysteriously be undone from underneath me. For example, adding waypoints to a route sometimes a few seconds after adding the last one, the previous one or two will just disappear. Or if I’m editing the name of a marker it will just erase part or all of the name and close the dialog. This also happens with tracks, I see each point being added to the track based on the track settings, then on occasion it will just remove the last few points and leave a straight line segment between them (this is more than just the track between the last point and the current location).

When this is happening, even if I completely shut down one copy of CE so only one is running it will still continue to happen.

I don’t know that this is cloud sync causing this, but it seem the most likely to me, I never saw this issue in the previous 10 years of using CE. It is intermittent enough I can’t reproduce it on demand, or at least haven’t yet figured out how to.

Has anyone else been seeing this? Any suggestions?

Unrelated wish list feature: allow local syncing when an internet connection isn’t available.



We are investigating the behavior you described. If we can reproduce it here we’ll fix it in a future update. Your feature request for local syncing is noted and something we are already thinking about. Thank you for the feedback.

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