Coastal Explorer Version 4.0.21108

We’ve updated Coastal Explorer on PC to version 4.0.21108. This update includes many of the usual sorts of “miscellaneous bug fixes and performance improvements” but also has a few exciting new features.

The Buddy List now uses the Cloud-Synchronization service that we developed for the iPad/iPhone app to synchronize your buddy lists across all of your PCs. We will soon release an update to the app that adds this feature to the iPad/iPhone as well.

It is also now possible to use Cloud-Synchronized Layers on your PC but this has not had enough testing for us to make it an “official feature” yet, so for this version it must be enabled in “Settings > Rose Point Labs” if you want to use it. It is working well for us, and we don’t know of any specific problems with it, but we’d like to do more testing and add a few more features (like being able to move objects to a different layer) before we enable it by default. There is more information about how to use these layers in the help system and you’ll find a link to that topic at “Settings > Rose Point Labs”.

More information about this update can be found in Coastal Explorer at “Settings > News and Announcements” and the Coastal Explorer Updates page on our website.

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