Coastal Explorer Version 4.0.22036

We’ve updated Coastal Explorer on PC to version 4.0.22036. As usual, this update contains miscellaneous bug fixes and other improvements.

We’ve also taken the Cloud-Synchronized Layers feature out of Rose Point Labs and made it available to everyone. This new feature lets you easily share your routes and other navigation objects between your PC’s, iPads, and iPhones running Coastal Explorer, as well as the new Coastal Explorer on the Web that we just announced.

And we’ve added a new Layers browser that lets you use several Voyage Plan Documents and/or Cloud-Synchronized Layers at a time. This can make it a lot easier to manage large collections of navigation objects without having them always clutter up your chart.

And finally, we’ve added a new Depart page to the Voyage Plan browser that helps streamline several tasks relating to a departure. This page asks where you are going and then presents a list of routes found in your documents and layers that can get you there, and lets you make a new one if needed. Even routes in hidden layers, or routes that need to be reversed can be used and Coastal Explorer will make a visible copy going in the right direction for you. Once you selected your route, you can optionally add a departure log entry and start a track before starting navigation.