Collision warning very late

interesting thing happened about 2 minutes after I passed the CG boat seen on the screen. I get a collision warning that read possible collision in 45 seconds.

This has happened 3 more times, twice when there was no other vessel within 4 NM. Once was in a crossing situation with another CG boat and it seemed accurate. 3 out of 4 were erroneous.

It now seems to be an ongoing thing, no rhyme or reason to the collision reports. Has happened dozens of times now. Anyone else seeing this?

Hi there sir, thanks for bringing this to our notice. We’ll review and attempt to reproduce in the office here.

@RVZephyrRon Thanks for your patience. Since your last post, we’ve released an update that may have fixed this issue. Can you test it out again and see if it’s fixed?

Ok, will give it a run. Thanks

What’s the new version number? I have 37 and no updates available on test pilot.

Ok, build 38 loaded, testing now.

Any improvement in version 38?

I have not been able to get the app to see the Nemo in several days. The AIS data come from the Nemo, so nothing is working. See my post on the Nemo not connecting.

On the new version #38, just received the first collision warning and it was appropriate to the situation. Will keep monitoring. Thanks

Great news! Keep us posted.