Connecting waypoints into a route

I feel like I am probably missing something really obvious.

I have a set of waypoints that I import. I’d like to connect those into a route. Is there a way to connect the actual waypoints, or do I just point and click my way using the waypoints as a visual reference on the chart.

I keep thinking there should be a way to create a route, and just say “connect these six waypoints into a route”.


Hi @rcrice, there isn’t a way to automatically connect a series of waypoints into a route. The easiest way would be to click +New at the bottom of your chart display and then click Route. You will then create a route like usual, but rather than clicking on the chart to create a new waypoint you would click on your existing mark. This must be done in the same layer that contains the imported marks.

Where are these waypoints you’re importing coming from?

In this case, the waypoints came from the local cruising club, for a particular route out of one bay into the next.

I’m trying to learn about creating and using routes, and started with this. 11 waypoints - a small project as a learning exercise.

Here is the video tutorial that we’ve made explaining route creation:

This will explain in more detail a few different ways to create a route in Coastal Explorer. Please let us know if you have any questions.

While the Creating Routes video does cover most of the “normal” ways of creating routes, it does not mention that it is possible to start with waypoints and then connect the dots. There is a “trick” to doing this, though, which is to start by creating a new waypoint as the first waypoint of a route created this way must be new.

The easiest way to do this is to start by using the (+)NEW button at the bottom of the chart and selecting “Route” from the menu. Then click on the chart to place the first waypoint. After that first waypoint has been created, you can click on each of the 11 waypoints you want to use for your route. Then click again on the last one to stop adding waypoints. Now, depending on your situation, you can click on the first waypoint and delete it if it’s not needed, or maybe it’s between your starting location and the first of the 11 waypoints and is still useful…


Thanks - that helped!