Converting a GPX file to a NOB file

I unintentionally erased all my coastal explorer routes. I know CE won’t load a GPX file. Is there a way to convert a GPX file into a format that CE can load?

Yikes! Is it too late to use undo or to just not save your changes?

If so, yes, there are a couple of ways to import data from GPX files:

  1. You can create a new Voyage Plan Document and then import any number of GPX files into that using “Layers > Dots Menu > Import from device or file…”. This option will result in the objects from each file you import being added to the Voyage Plan Document (.NOB file).

  2. Or you can import GPX files into Cloud-Synchronized Layers by using “Layers > Import…”. This option will result in a new layer being created for each imported file which might make it easier to manage the data (depending on how many files you’re importing and what they contain).