Cray cray projection mode

After I change between portrait and landscape mode (and resizing map) the projection of the map goes crazy. Rather than a projection from 90 above with north toward top there is a strange change in the projection vector pitch and yaw distorting the map. There also seems to be changes in x/y axis scaling meaning squares become rectangles/parallelograms. I will email an image when you reply by email.

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Not sure what could cause that and it certainly isn’t happening to any of us here. Could you use the screenshot feedback feature of TestFlight? That will give us some addition information about the type of device you’re using and what version of the OS it has which might provide us with some clues about this.

I saw the same thing, was playing with the settings and might have went from portrait mode to landscape mode. I’ll screenshoot it next time I see it.

Looking closer there are at least two separate issues. One is that on my iPad model there is scaling distortion after switches between portrait/landscape and also sudden rotations occur after switches but sometimes even delayed! The second is that the app allows the user to rotate the map with two fingers and when pinch zooming it is easy to also accidentally rotate the screen. I see no viable use case for this rotation ‘feature’. Just cuz ya can is no reason to expose this. Possibly like other apps e.g. Google Maps allow N/S or oriented toward user direction. Or not. But I think that as implemented it is more likely users will accidentally rotate when pinch zooming and be confused.