Creating a route

I have created a route and want to fine tune it. How do I move a waypoint? If I touch it the chart just pans around. Is the a way to lock the screen and to fine tune the waypoints?

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In order to prevent accidentally making changes, only selected objects can be moved around. In the case of a route, first tap on the route to select it (that will add a blue highlight), then you should be able to drag waypoints around. However, this is something that we are still tuning, so it is not always as easy as it should be.

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Overall, CE on the iPad is a welcome development. I originally started with CE on a GoBook, then switched to Navionics on my much lighter and more convenient iPad so have much experience and many routes on both platforms. In addition I teach piloting and navigation to the public as a USPS Boating instructor.

The CE edit route algorithm on the iPAD does need further development. You have to stay on the route properties to add or move waypoints but the current program leaves route properties after one or a few course edits. This issue is especially problematic when editing a twisty kayak route with many waypoints on a meandering stream using a Topo map. Navionics does not have Topo maps and in their aerial view overlay the tree canopy obscures the stream. Thus, CE Topo maps offer a potential clear advantage for paddle sport route planning. A convenient edit route algorithm in CE would help the growing multitude of kayakers by giving the total mileage of pre-planned routes and also by allowing markers to be placed indicating stream access points and important branch points in the watershed where it is important to make the correct turn to reach a desired destination.

For cruising and fishing, the CE Raster charts do not match the high resolution depth contours of the new HD Navionics + charts so useful for finding fishing holes and avoiding shoals. Live Sonar chart updates are also impressive in Navionics. A big advantage in CE over Navionics for cruising is the display of course headings on each linear route segment. Sometimes you are in a place with shallows on three sides where it is not clear how to safely proceed. In this situation a glance at the CE route provides safe egress. I really like the ability to move gpx and nob route files between Navionics and CE.