Custom Instrument Panels

Coastal Explorer now has customizable instrument panels (as of build 44)!

This feature is nearly identical to Coastal Explorer V4 on the PC but now your instruments are synchronized across your iPhone/iPad devices! (This is coming the to PC soon as well.)

Here are some issues with instrument panels that we know about:

  • Customization doesn’t work on the iPhone yet (it will show your custom panels, but can’t edit them)
  • Instrument panels can only have one column of instruments
  • A few instruments are not available yet
  • Instrument options, such as “Large Text”, are not available yet
  • Instruments can’t be “nudged” to control extra space around them

The Screens browser is not available yet, so the only way to start editing instruments is to use the gear button at the bottom of the instrument tabs.

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Build 47: The gear button for the Instrument panel still does not always activate when the screen is pressed. I have to repeatedly press the gear, maybe a dozen times or more before it opens the Instrument creation panel. Once I get the panel open I can drag most instruments to the right but not all.

We’ve received a couple of reports of the gear being too hard to tap so clearly there’s a problem. Unfortunately it doesn’t happen on any of the devices I’ve tested with so far, so the cause (and fix) is not clear yet.

What we did in build 47 was make the tap area taller hoping that would be good enough. We’ll try making it wider in the next build and see if that does it.

This is the first I’ve heard of not being able to drag some instruments. Can you elaborate a bit? To drag an instrument, you must press and hold until a copy of the instrument sort of pops off the list, then you can drag it to the instrument panel. Is that press and hold what is not always working for you? Or are some instruments not appearing in the panel when you drop them? Are specific instruments causing problems, or is it just not working all the time?

I see what you mean by, “press and drag” To move an instrument across to the instrument panel. I was simply swiping across the screen. Some other iPad apps allow that. All the instrument items are working the same - press, hold, drag.

For me the gear wheel, lower right corner, is still not working if I tap it directly, but I see where you made the target taller. Now if I tap above the gear I can get it to work. Is it possible that making the area taller you may have raised the tap area above the gear? In any case, I can get used to pressing above the gear to get it to work.

Build 48: I have the gear wheel for creating a custom instrument panel working fine.

I found the following complaint on macrumors after searching google for “overly sensitive screen on iPad Pro 11 inch.”

“ Affected users have ‌iPad Pro‌ models that sometimes refuse to register touch gestures, stutter when scrolling, miss keystrokes, and have other similar issues. We here at MacRumors have not been able to replicate this issue, but the sheer number of complaints suggests something may be going on with the ‌iPad Pro‌’s display.”

Well, I definitely have a problem with my iPad Pro that can be replicated. My experience has been with touch input not registering and at times a way overly sensitive pre touch stutter. Another words I get my finger or hand close to the screen, but not touching it and the screen starts selecting stuff randomly.

I think this is what was going on with selecting the gear tool for customizing the Instrument Panel on CE iPad. Google has more hits regarding the iPad Pro 11” touch screen. The entry seemed to best define what I’m experiencing. Bottom line is I don’t think the gear tool in CE is the problem I believe there is something going on with my iPad Pro. I will be giving Apple Support a call.