Difference between mark and waypoint

Sorry if this is a basic question, but I cannot find an answer on RosePoint web site or on this forum.

I recently realized that there are two similar types of nav objects - waypoints and marks. And that only Marks can be seen in the object browser (along the Routes), but I do not see the place to list all the waypoints.
What is really the difference between marks and waypoints?
How did I end up with some ‘markers’ being marks and some being waypoints?
Is there a way to convert waypoints to marks?


Hey Maciek, with CE open, click the menu, top left three horizontal lines, then click the question mark, type in search for “marks” and click on “using marks, annotations…etc”
There is a great explanation there, I tried to cut and paste it here, but copy didn’t work in the help box for some reason.
Basically they are all the same and behave the same. Waypoints are created when you click “new”, “route” and then click a route from here to there, those get no specific icon, just a soft numbering system starting from 1 to however many you created. These numbers also swap ends when you right click the route and select “reverse route”
You can name these waypoints individually, by double click the waypoint (or right click and select properties) and typing a name in the top space. You can also edit the Lat-lon by clicking the position text box. Add an icon is there too.
Naming a few of these can help you with ETA’s and tides, by naming important places in your route, such as current swept passages that you need to time for a slack tide.
A mark is created by clicking “new” (at the bottom of the screen) then pick a specific Icon, then click on the chart where you want the mark to be located, you can edit these the same as you do a waypoint. Marks can be used for anything you want to remember where it is, a fishing spot, dive site, or private buoys that you don’t want to hit in the dark.
You can also create a boundary line under “new” which draws a red line on the chart, and when you cross it will alarm with visual and audible signals. this is useful for radio calling in points, border crossings, or areas you want to avoid, such as shoals. I use this for vessel traffic service channel changes, around here VTS has 5 different channels they work depending on where you are in the Puget Sound or up into Canada.
Hope this helps, happy navigating. Ron

Thank you, that is a great explanation.

Is there a way to convert a waypoint to a mark?


I don’t see a way to do that, you can include a created mark into a route which makes it a waypoint, but I am not finding a way to take a waypoint that was created using the quick route tool and converting that to a mark that will show up in the “marks” menu under the voyage planning menu. I am curious as to what you are doing that would require that. I didn’t realize that was a thing until you asked.

Also, you cannot use a mark, as the first waypoint in a route using the quick route tool, which has always been a frustration to me. If you click “new” and “quick route”, the first click has to be on a blank area of the chart. Your additional waypoints can be clicked on top of existing marks, but not the first one. Not sure why, perhaps a mod can answer that. There are lots of little caveats in CE that trip me up when I try to use it for more than it was intended. Like building a set of survey lines. CE is tedious trying to set that up, it would be nice to be able to click a few menu items and get, say, 6 parallel lines, exactly 200 yards between centers that were 1 mile long with a continuous U turn at the ends. And why can I not get a continuous turn instead of straight lines navigation only? Enquiring minds want to know LOL.

In previous versions, you could pull up a list of waypoints. As far as I can tell, you can’t do that anymore, which is extremely frustrating!

A mark is only considered a waypoint if it is included in a route.

Thanks for all the answers. Let me try to explain a bit more of what I am doing.

When planning on CE, I prefer to first place marks in the most critical points for the planned route, and then start a route and click on marks to add them to the route. Often I end up adding additional waypoints within the route after it is created, just to make it more optimal. I usually name waypoints, so I can understand which route they belong to. So my route has a mix of marks and waypoints. Then I need to transfer that to the chartplotter. I export routes and marks to the GPX format and import them into my Raymarine Axiom. I noticed that if I do not export the waypoints the Axiom generates new ones with some random names. Also on Axiom, there is no distinction between mark and waypoint. So I was just thinking if I can make everything a Mark in CE then my import/export routine would be a bit easier and everything in CE and on Axiom would be more consistent.