Digital Yacht NavLink2

Are there any issues using the above wireless link to my instruments with Coastal Explorer. I am going up to the boat later today to set it up and would like to be forewarned if there are any issues. Link to the NavLink2 setup is here.

Thanks in advance.

Doug / Muskegon, MI

I’m afraid we don’t know anything about that device and its compatibility with our software. Looking over their documentation, though, I don’t foresee any problems getting them to work together.

Just be aware that the NavLink2 translates NMEA 2000 data to NMEA 0183 and that has some inherent limitations which may or may not affect your setup. (Mostly that multiple devices of the same type will not work well together, and some some NMEA 2000 data does not have an equivalent in NMEA 0183 so cannot be translated.)